AKC Yorkshire Terriers, Ocala, Florida 

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  May God bless you for our loving Finn.  Our lives have been enriched because of you.  This is a recent photo of Finn who will be 6 month old in a few days.  Just as you treasure and love each of your babies we will treasure our Finn.  He is going for his first grooming soon.  Prayers, Love and Thanks, Bud and MaryLee.

  Bella went for her first grooming late (Covid at groomers) and her regular groomer wasn’t there (more Covid) - so they didn’t trim her ears. I wanted to get a picture of her in her Christmas dress anyway because it’s already a little tight on her. She’s got a big chest just like my little Scarlett girl did. Bella is my little love - when she’s not being a devil puppy 😂. Thank you so very much for my sweet puppy- she has brought joy and love back into my life. I hope you and Wayne are doing well - I’ve been watching the progress of the puppies on your website- can’t wait to see what you get. Love - Gayle


  He is such a good boy, so great with the pee pads and a really good sleeper and eater! Merry Christmas to you all!

  Hi Lynne, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Lucky and Watson are doing beautifully here, and we couldn’t be happier. Lucky is engaging in puppy-like play with Watson now. They chase each other back and forth through the house, and sit together in the sun room watching the birds and squirrels outside. Here are a couple of Christmas pictures.


Hello Lynn , just wanted  2 give u a update on Jackson.  He eats like a horse , has gained  5 oz. He gives us so much joy, we love him dearly. His daily antics ,  have us laughing all day (and nite). Hope u have a nice holiday.  Sydney  ps  started using   ramps very first day, use pp pads almost all the time.
  Watson and Lucky did great last night. Lucky was pretty aloof at first, but now he’s fine with Watson tagging along.  Last night while we were sitting in the living room with a pup in each lap we felt incredibly grateful to be part of your Yorkie family. The boys are so sweet tempered and beautiful. They are a testament to your loving care. We will cherish them and pamper them, and keep you updated with their progress.  Best regards,

Hi Lynne & Wayne, It’s been almost 2 years now since we adopted Mr. Gino and just wanted to let you know how he is doing. I’ve attached a few pictures of our little man.  The day we came to pick him up Wayne was sitting in the garage and he said “We are going to have our hands full with that one!!” He was a ball of energy with attitude!!  We wouldn’t want it any other way.  He is a pure delight…….we laugh at his antics all day every day……..He has come to rule the house!

Right now he weighs in at 5 lb, 9 oz. He is paper trained and amazingly never has an accident. We are just so in love and he is so spoiled………..Just wanted to give you a very heatfelt thank you! You are 2 amazing people! Take care, be safe and God Bless! 

  Hi Lynne and Wayne   Hope you both are doing well.   Here is our little sweet Cherie.  Just got her this fluffy bed and she loves it.  She is such a delight and we have enjoyed every second with her.   Is she spoiled?  Yes. Does she melt your heart?  Yes   Does she have  us wrapped around her little paw?  Yes.  It’s amazing how a little 2.5 pound dog can run the house.   We love her!  She makes us laugh.  Just wanted to share and give you an update.  We know that all of your pups are special to you but Cherie has a very special place in your heart.  Without your tender love and care, she would not be here.    She is a sweet soul !!! Take care Linda


  I’ve been meaning to send more pictures:) Kai has made herself at home as if we have had her for years. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we all love her so much. She is very spunky, playful, loving and can be quite the trouble maker at times as she loves shoes and toilet paper haha:) So far she has been boating around Palm Beach, on a vacation to the Florida Keys and just got back from a vacation in the mountains of North Carolina. With love

  How can I begin to thank you for the most amazing and perfect gift I received from you?? My Emma Lou is perfection! She is beautiful inside and out. She is the lap baby and snuggle bunny I was hoping for. She wants to be with me always. She is so smart and well behaved. She is so much fun. At 8 months old she is completely pee pad trained. She loves everyone from our youngest grandchildren to my cats and our gentle giant, Maggie, our golden retriever. I never tire of her and want her with me everywhere I go. You gave her the perfect start. Thank you for trusting me with her. I will love her always and I feel such a special bond with you through her.

  Jiminy just wanted to pop in and say hi!!!  He is growing to a handsome big boy!  I just love him soooo much :)


  Benny is doing great. He gets cuter by the day!  Thanks Alex

  Dear Lynne and Wayne,  It was a pleasure meeting you both.  Kai is beyond precious and we cannot thank you enough for choosing us to be her parents.  Her loving presence has already filled out home as only a fur baby can.  Kai says hello and wanted to send some pictures. She is doing wonderful. She goes everywhere with us and loves getting into her carrier bag with her favorite toys and blanket. She also is a big fan of being outside running all around the yard. We love watching her explore and her spunky, fun loving personality. Love. Milissa , Randall and Holden         


Hi Lynne, We arrived home safely and Albie traveled quite well...of course he fell asleep 5 minutes from home! He explored our family room, played with his balls, drank some goats milk then promptly fell asleep 😴 He did leave a puddle on the floor but that’s okay-we dabbed a bit of his tinkle on each of his pads so hopefully that will help. Thank you again for letting us have puppy love in our home again
Dear Lynne & Wayne: Just wanted to update you on Cherie…. She has adjusted extremely well as we continue to love and spoil her. The paper training is going exceptionally well as Linda has made her your Satin balls which she loves. Linda has gotten a purse in which Cherie can sit and took her own her first shopping trip yesterday. In addition, she went for her first ride in her car seat which she loved and feel sound asleep. She has gained weight and is now 30.5 ounces. As you know, she is an affectionate and loving dog and gets lots of love from. Linda has gotten her many toys and just got her a little doggie sleeping bag she lays on and get into with her toys. Looking forward to seeing you on June 6 when I bring Cherie to board with you while we are at the wedding.

  Hi Lynne and Wayne. Just wanted to give you a quick update on Gucci. He is doing very well. Last month we celebrated his 6 month birthday with a trip to Cancun, Mexico and he had an AMAZING time. He was an ANGEL on plane, and was so relaxed. Hope all is well with you both.

  Hi Lynne,  We arrived home safely and Albie traveled quite well...of course he fell asleep 5 minutes from home! He explored our family room, played with his balls, drank some goats milk then promptly fell asleep . He did leave a puddle on the floor but that’s okay-we dabbed a bit of his tinkle on each of his pads so hopefully that will help. Thank you again for letting us have puppy love in our home again

  Dear Lynne, She is an amazing puppy. She is mostly potty trained, not afraid of anything, and loves everyone! Her hair is gorgeous! What a precious gift she is!!! Hugs, Syndee


  Kai is doing wonderful and adjusting perfectly. Sorry I missed your call and then I  worried it was too late to call by the time I saw it. The car ride to St. Augustine was great. She snuggled right into her bed in my lap and fell right asleep. She woke up to play with her toys a little then slept again.
Once we made it back to St. Augustine she met our son Holden, my mom, dad, Aunt & Uncle. Everyone was here for the welcoming  of the new baby🥰 She took to everyone quickly and is very social, playful and a little love bug. She really loves Holden and I can tell they will have a special bond. She snuggled up and slept on his lap for quite awhile and he is being so gentle with her.
She ate as soon as I put her food down. Didn’t finish it all but ate a good amount. She would go back to nibble throughout the afternoon and then ate a good amount again for dinner. She has been drinking her water regularly and peeing & pooped outside for us.  She is acclimating beautifully and seems so happy. Our hearts are overwhelming with love for her.  I can’t thank you enough for choosing us to be her parents.


  Dear Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Lynne:  Today, I am 3 months old. I just wanted to let you know that I have received many compliments from contacts of Daddy Tom and Daddy Enrique that I was raised very well by you both, and have incredible socialization skills.

I am very happy in my new house in Port St. Lucie. I have many toys to play with, Daddy Tom and Daddy Enrique spoil me rotten and make sure I am well fed and kept clean. At night, I snuggle up in bed with Daddy Tom and sleep so well, and am growing by the day. This weekend I go for my next booster shot at the vet, and while I still don’t like driving in Daddy Tom’s car- he keeps me calm and I have learned to accept it.

Just like Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Lynne did, Daddy Tom makes me warm goats milk at night after dinner, and makes me eggs with melted cheese on the weekend when he doesn’t have to go to work.  Daddy Tom watches me during the day by puppy cam, and even talks to me from work for me to know he is around.

I miss you Grandpa and Grandma—but I wanted to let you know I am doing great and am very happy.  With Love Tom and Enrique

  Maddie and I were very sorry to have missed you today. I wanted to send you an update on Hagrid. He is very loved and we want to thank you so much for making him a part of our family.  He is doing well, and is already VERY spoiled.  We will keep in touch. Best, Ashley

  Hi from ‘Wave’. He wanted you to know he is super handsome, a handful!!, has endless energy, and is totally potty trained. And wow is he smart! Loves to watch tv. It’s so funny how he moves his head to follow the people/animals on tv. He has 7 extractions two weeks ago. Second teeth came in beside his baby teeth. We love Wave so much. He makes us laugh everyday. Warm regards, Bill, Marjorie & ‘Wave’

Good morning! Hope you and Wayne are well. Just a quick report on our precious pup...adjusting beautifully! Yes, liverwurst is his favorite food!! He even licked yogurt/pumpkin mixture off my finger. Wave makes us laugh everyday. What a blessing he is!  Marjorie
  I wanted to let you know how Gianna is doing.  She's our sweet little baby and she travels everywhere with us. She's been on quite a few trips in our motor home and loves it. She has such a sweet personality and is very friendly with everyone.  I just wanted to let you know she's doing fine and we are very happy to have her!  Love,

   We are HOME, in chilly Pennsylvania.   Safe and sound.  Zadie was an excellent traveler the entire way.    The doggie playpen was the perfect place for her to stay safe and content in the motel rooms along the way.  
We are HOME, in chilly Pennsylvania.   Safe and sound.  Zadie was an excellent traveler the entire way.    The doggie playpen was the perfect place for her to stay safe and content in the motel rooms along the way.  
Now she is busy exploring her new home.   In between her adventures,  she loves her laptime,  and I thank you for teaching her that!  Wishing you and Wayne a wonderful Thanksgiving.    In the spirit of the season,  we are most grateful for this wonderful puppy, and to whatever fate led us to you on our search.   :)    Just wanted to let you know that Zadie's long driving days are over,  and she is snug and warm and surrounded by toys and laps.  I'll be in touch again, soon,   Kathy
  She slept most of the way. She was a good girl. Her ckup went well. She goes back in 3-4 wks for next round of shots. She slept in bed with us. She missed her family but she loves to play.. thanks again for everything!!!!  Karla
Rocky made it home safe & sound.  No car sickness.  He is a great traveler!  He just ate bit, played and now taking a nap. 
All is good!  Thank you!  Anne
Thank you bunches and bunches for approving James and I to adopt Casey and Conner as our kids. We love them more and more unconditionally everyday! Thank you they have made us stronger as we love them both very very much!
Dear Lynne and Wayne,  It was wonderful meeting you today.  Lucky Lucky dogs that have found their way into your life!  Just wanted to let you know that Zadie handled the long drive today like a trooper!  She never complained a bit.  Day 2 tomorrow!  She is a dear and we are head over heels in love with her.  I’ll be in touch again after we get home
  Hi Lynne, I am so proud of him! He had an excellent night his first night! Slept all night without crying. He ate his breakfast like a good boy this morning and pooped and pottied on the pad! He's such a good boy. He likes his new toys also! Hugs, Sandy
   Ace had a great weekend.  He is a doll and we are over the moon in love with him.  He has such an adorable personality too! Thanks
  Hope all is well!  Sheba is the best dog I have ever had!  She is smart, loving, beautiful and just so sweet!  She is always inquisitive and makes me laugh every day.  Thank you for letting me bring her into my life I love her so much!  She is very happy and loves her  brother Sammy the poodle!   They have a great life together.  I think of you often and wanted you to know how grateful I am that you let me have her.  You can be assured that she has a beautiful life. 
  He turned one year as you know and is the most amazing loving dog you can imagine. He LOVES swimming and chasing the hose around the pool.  We put a life jacket on him because he will stay in literally a few hours at a time. Nicole and Princeton 'found' each other that day and it was the best match up you can imagine. He loves to cuddle up to Nicole and nuzzle in her neck to nap. When I come home at night it is 5 minutes of pandemonium of him yelping, kissing, and going crazy happy to see me (or Nicole of course when she is away).  Hard to be unhappy around him.
  Hi Lynne!  I cannot tell you how much joy Cooper/Rascal has brought to my life. He is so much fun and I laugh daily with all that he does!!  So many stories to tell you!
  Sorry it has been so long since we have been in touch! Time seems to fly by. Just wanted to give you a quick update on your grandson. He is doing great, of course. Last visit to vet he weighed 4.6 lbs. we are now able to take him out so we take him everywhere we can. He loves meeting new people ( old ones too😎)and gets very excited when he does. He is very popular wherever we go . Our boating friends who are dog lovers really enjoy him on the boat as their dogs are to big to bring along so he gets plenty of love there. We will begin training classes next week as I need training!!  I try to be consistent but he is so darn cute sometimes I just give in. He just makes us laugh all the time! I could go on and on but won't . I just thought that you will want a current picture I will get that to you. Take care, love from all of us!  Woody, Debbie and Gary
Just a note to let you know Coco did GREAT last night. i was super surprise.  she  a) slept through the night….though i was checking about every hour eyes open to make sure.   b)  is using the pee pads - for poo and pee!  such a shocker.     She did good on ride home after getting comfortable.  Today she is feeling at home I think.  We had some of my daughters flat stuffies that she has taken over.    Just getting used to everything and the routine.   Today she is licking more and more playful.  actually a bit frisky.  :-) 
  Babie Rae knows she's home! Thank you for all you did for her. I'm sure she misses you. The only time she  whimpered was when Todd looked at her while he was going downstairs and Babie Rae was on the couch with me. As soon as she couldn't see him she whimpered two times. She loves to play ball. I'll write again soon. Thanks again for our new baby girl, Frances & Todd
  Thank you!  Yes she is fabulous...smart...beautiful...simply the best!  I'm so happy with her!  I thank you every day!
  I wish all puppies born in this world could have "grandparents" like you and Wayne. When people say they can get a puppy cheap I ask them if theirs has health issues like seizures or diabetes or other physical or mental problems and if they care for this little 4 legged life given to their care that they will spend far more in vet bills not to mention the worry they can have about their little ill friend. Rather have a well bred puppy from a healthy Momma and Daddy and a stimulating early environment. That is worth a lot more than money to the conscientious pet owner. Get some sleep Granny and Grandpa and all the munchkins too  
  Thank you for helping us select Ace, he is a joy and all of the credit goes to you! You have made it possible to make so many of us so very happy by giving us the opportunity to adopt your precious puppies.  Thank you, Lynne.
  Lynne and Wayne,  Thank you so much for inviting us to your home. It was a pleasure meeting you both and the beautiful Yorkies that are so fortunate to have you. We felt so comfortable with the knowledge you have and the care you give to these puppies and look forward to bringing one to our home to our family soon.  Michelle

  Thank you for the beautiful pictures and all of the wonderful info in Crosby’s binder. I read everything last night and it was extremely informative. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to prepare the binder – and we feel much more prepared for raising our dear puppy after reading everything! Crosby was great on the ride home and has quickly settled in at our house. He is very active and curious and seems quite happy and comfortable here. And we couldn’t be happier with our little sweetie!  I think it really helped to have the fleece blanket with the smell of Crosby’s mom and littermates on it.  Thank you again for everything! Warmest regards, Deb and Mike

  Stryker is adjusting well and is training both of us.  He is extremely smart.  Amazingly so!  He follows Gary everywhere and loves car rides. The chew toys you provided are his favorite along with the Gator toy. Thank you again for everything!  I want to stay in touch forever!  Bettie and Gary
  Lynne, it was great seeing you yesterday and seeing all of your beautiful Yorkies while picking up Carrie.  She had a great trip home and loved meeting Kelly and Jeff’s little Yorkie girls.  She then came home and our dogs loved her.  She was right at home, loved our dogs and acted like she had been there all along.  She is walking around the house like she owns it!  We are thrilled with her and will take very good care of her.  Glad you liked the 5 Guys.  Thanks for the photos.
  She travels extremely well.  We take her everywhere.  We feel very fortunate to have her.  She is a perfect addition into our home.  Thanks so much for being such a wonderful breeder.  Lots of Yorkie kisses
  Lucy did great!!!! She slept the whole way home. She has already used her puppy pad. :) She could not be sweeter. We are all in love!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!  :) Michelle
  Where do I begin!!! They did so well last night. I even woke up at 3:00am just to check on them... Haha. A few accidents this morning but they have gone outside to pee already. I feel that because of all the love and attention you give your puppies it makes all the difference in their behavior.  Forrest seems to have the most energy... And he loves to chew! We are so happy and will sing the praises of Our Heavenly Yorkies!!! We feel very blessed to have found both you and Wayne. Breakfast this morning was ground kibble and scrambled eggs... They did wonderful. Thank you for all you help and information.  Hugs to you both from Bill, Judy, Forrest and Rebel
  We talked the whole way home about what great people you two are and we couldn't have chosen a better baby than Rocky.  Thank you so much for letting us visit!
  Hope all is well. We LOVE Lucy. She is such a wonderful puppy. I can not thank you enough for choosing her for us. My mom took these pictures today. I thought you would enjoy them. Lucy's first vet visit went terrific. She goes back on Monday for her next round of shots.
Happy Easter to you and Wayne!!!
  Hi there!  Just sending a little note to say hello and let you know our baby is doing great! So glad we found y'all. He is truly a gift, smart, and has exceeded our expectations. Regards
  Yes arrived safe and sound and this little man has exceeded our expectations! Great first night. TY
  Lynne, Jayne and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful hospitality yesterday and the chance to see all of your beautiful Yorkies!  It was a great experience for all of us, as we have never seen so many beautiful and well mannered Yorkies in one place.  Of course we want to thank you for working with us over the past 8 or 9 months as we made our decision to bring a new female Yorkie into our family after losing Lily last year.  We are very excited about Carrie and were thrilled to have a chance to meet Cricket and Tinker Toy.  Two beautiful and fantastic Yorkies for sure.  We look forward to staying in touch with you over the next six weeks or so as Carrie continues to grow and develop.  Please take care of yourself and your back and we look forward to seeing you soon.
  Auggie is a happy little camper. Had a great first night. Slept between us in the bed. Uses the new stairs just fine. Eating well. We are delighted with him. Thank you so much. Tim & Bettie
  Kirby is  growing into a big strong boy, He now weigh's a whole 2 pounds and 4 ounces. The doctor said He is  doing very well and is very healthy.  He is having fun at his new home and pick's on his older Yorkie brother all the time. (LOL) he is so full of energy and a wonderful personality, we just love him thank you so much for all the hard work you do in breeding these wonderful puppies they give so much joy to so many people.
  I wanted to thank you for welcoming us into you home and let you know that Dixie had a good trip. She seems to be settling in well. My pup is still very playful and several times Dixie has stood her ground with her, but they are running around the house together. She is not interested in eating, but I have managed to get her to eat one and a half meatballs.  She is using the stairs to get on and off the couch and long ottoman in front of it. I think they are going to do well together. In my opinion Dixie appears to be settling in quite well. We are so happy to have her here with us:)
  Dear Lynne and Wayne,  Attached is a photo of our Little Louie telling Santa that he has been a good boy all year (no Wayne Santa!) We are so appreciative of the puppy you gave us...he is the best ❤ I remember when you emailed me to say he was a little snuggle bunny and you were right! Louie is such a sweet dog and is super friendly with other dogs in our neighborhood.  We enjoy following your website and tracking your new pups. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2015!
  Just wanted to tell you that Kidogo is the jolliest Yorkie we have ever had. She is so funny and makes us laugh. We love her. She has done level two in dog obedience school and was voted most improved dog. She is a happy smart puppy. Thank you so much.
Thank you for the harness. And what a great tip I appreciate it very much it certainly makes it a lot easier than getting up to take him to his potty pad he is adjusting well thank you for the great job that you and Wayne do in raising these beautiful puppies.  I'm sure I will be seeing you again down the road to buy another one. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers for your continued recovery. Next time ICU you will be back to your old self. Please take care and best wishes to both you and Wayne .
  I took Kaitlin to meet my Vet, and he fell in LOVE with her........he says that she is one beautiful Puppy.....he also said that he has never seen a Yorkie pup with her ears up at such a young age. I told him it is because I have an excellent Breeder.........I am so proud of my little Kaitlin. She was so well behaved.
  Biscuit is now 6 months. He's still the sweetest little thing. Fred and I just love him to pieces.  He's done great with house training, but he has a stubborn streak to him sometimes :).And he's way more athletic than I imagined. Fred's having a blast playing with him!  Anyway, hope you and Wayne are doing well.

  I thought you might want to see pictures of him getting bigger and more handsome! He's such a happy boy! We love him sooo much! I can't thank you enough for allowing me to adopt him. Such a little blessing :) I hope all is well with you, and keep in touch!  Thanks, Lauren

  Hi Lynne!  I got the pictures, thank you so much.  They came out great! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family, you exceeded my expectations with your warmth, kindness  and knowledge. I can't wait to bring Barkley home and love him for the rest of his life. I know he's going to be the best baby dog! Seeing where he comes from was very sweet and a day I will literally remember for the rest of my life.  Thank you once again and I will be seeing you soon.
  Good afternoon Lynne and Wayne, 
Just wanted to write and let you know that Dexter (Rocky) is doing great!!! We have his playpen set up in the living room as his little safe haven but so far the only time he goes in there is to eat, drink, and potty. He has done awesome with pottying (no accidents) and he has slept through the night every night! He has the absolute best personality and we are completely smitten with this little man! He is snuggled up on my shoulder as I am writing this! Thank you both so much for giving us the opportunity to have one of your puppies...we are so happy!
Our puppy Rudy is doing great! He is very happy & healthy. Our Veterinarian is very pleased with his progress so far and said " you got a very healthy puppy".  We live in Miami and were unable to drive up to Ocala to visit him prior to purchase. Rudy makes me very happy. Lynne & Wayne are (in my opinion) the best breeders. They take excellent care of their Yorkies. They love them and nurture them which provides the dogs with a great foundation. He has assimilated nicely in our home and made fast friends with our older larger dog (30 lbs).
  Hello Ms. Lynn....We LOVE our baby girl Priya....thank you soooo much. Ya know, EVERYONE told me.....oh you will never house break her. Priya uses the pads all the time! She might make an occasional mistake. Maybe 5% of the time. Priya is a pleasure and my best friend, I love her! THANK YOU so much.  Best decision I ever made.....THX!
  OMG....It was great!!!! She slept in my bed all night with me... At around 8 AM She jumped on me and licked me till I woke up...She went right to one of the pads and did her business. She did her business EVERY time so far on a pad...I am soooo proud of her and happy...she follows me everywhere...lol And again thx for everything...I will recommend you to everyone who asks me.
  Louie received his second set of shots on Wednesday. The vet was thrilled with him! He weighs a whopping 2.5 pounds now. Attached are pictures of our daughter (home from NYC) and Louie, as you can see, they adore each other! Louie is the best pup ever...he is adorable and has the best personality. He has been sleeping through the night since we brought him home and is completely trained on his puppy pads. Louie is somewhat of a rascal as well, he loves to sneak into our laundry room and steal socks and t-shirts. It is hilarious to watch him drag a t-shirt eight times his size down the hall! We are totally in love with our Little Louie!
Am happy to report that both dogs are doing just great!  Patches comes to his name willingly.  Peaches perks her head up at the sound of her name, but then runs in the opposite direction in hopes of a good game of chase.  And, surprisingly, Patches is house-trained already, but Peaches still hasn’t got it.  Both are so darned cute, though.  They are adored by the girls and customers alike.  We have actually had customers come in just to see them.  And hardly a day goes by without one of the girls mentioning how much they love their puppies and that “it was the best Christmas ever!”
The Cooper is doing great in his world!!!!! I guess you could say he is a
normal youngster acting his youngster self. He has a mind of his own and no one can change it for him. He is sooooo funny. He is a riot. I would say he doesn't weigh 5 pounds.
He is such a blessing to me and makes my heart sing.... He gets unconditional love and constant attention. I've taken him to dog festivals and outings and his confidence and enthusiasm are out the roof! A small dog park is opening here in April and I'm so excited to take him. He is truly an outgoing, loving, spunky, joy filled, precious little spirit and I thank God daily for the joy and love he brings me and my family (and for his Mama Lynne for creating him!
Thank you!
I live north of Toronto, Ontario, and Lynne sent Beau and Belle via airplane to me. I did see them on Skype but other than that I had to trust that I was purchasing healthy puppies. That was over 3 years ago and having owned dogs all my life, I can honestly say these two are the sweetest, healthiest dogs I have ever had. Three years later I am still sending pictures to Lynne and Wayne because they are genuinely interested in their pup's well being My son will be purchasing one from her within a year and I also had a friend here purchase one as well and she flew from Toronto to Florida to get her.

Our Heavenly Yorkies has my utmost respect as they are always making sure their females and stud are healthy and happy. Their dogs sleep with them. My pups were so well adjusted and already socialized that it was an easy transition for them to become members of my family and a little brother and sister to our older Lab. Beau and Belle have a wonderful disposition, beautiful coats, good knees and are in perfect health.   I would not hesitate recommending this breeder to anyone. They care about their animals and are selective on whom they allow to purchase their pups.

  She’s a sweet as can be…just  a lover for sure.  A bit mischievous. Puppy chewing stuff, the usual. Mainly when I’m running errands on the weekend that she’s home for a period of time alone…bored. She really likes to pull out all my clothes out of the hamper. I had to move it to the office so she can’t get it.  Potty training is going well. She still misses the pad once in awhile but most of the time she does a great job with that.

  Hi Lynne…trip was fun, yet exhausting. She travelled well, and is settling in now. She seems very happy….eating, drinking, playing. Cuddling with my daughter right now. Thank you for everything. She is beautiful!
  Our Malachi was born June 24, 2013 and I avidly followed his progress as he grew.  I quickly became convinced which puppy we should have since we have a year old toy poodle and a 4 year old Yorkie--all male.  Lynne was very good about posting pictures and when we returned to south Florida from our rving (we'd left in May); we picked up Malachi on October 6.  Little did we know that we would lose our 35 year old son that same week after having spent a wonderful time with him on October 5.  Malachi was meant to be with us as he gave us something else to focus on and we needed lots of stuff to focus on.  However, Malachi is such a well-adjusted little fellow; already partially trained, good appetite, and a real cuddler.  He's been with us a month now and our home is now his home and he's got a new playmate with the poodle and the Yorkie is regally tolerant of both of them in their antics.  All 3 will be seeing this beautiful country of ours as we rv.  Thank you Lynne and Wayne--by the way, Malachi is our fourth Yorkie so we are pretty good at knowing what to look for.  Never buy from a breeder if you can't see Mom and Dad and see how they interact with you and other dogs.  We feel there are less physical problems down the road.  There's nothing worse, as friends have told me, than having a cute little dog that they bought from some puppy mill or online without seeing the living environment, to see that little dog with seizures, cancer, digestive, hip, and multitudes of other problems from indiscriminate breeding.
  You will be so proud of our little Louie...he has gone poo and tinkle on his tinkle pad several times today! Just now Eric was playing with him on the floor and he ran into his pen to tinkle on his pad. Of course, I ran to the fridge for the liverwurst while shouting praises! Louie has eaten his wet food and drank his warmed goats milk, soon he will get his special night time treat (dried chicken) that Wayne gave us.  Thank you for answering the phone earlier and giving us advice.  Thank you for giving us this very special boy!
  Hello Mrs Lynne!!  Just following up to inform you of Deuce's successes. He is absolutely great!! Only issue is his chewing. But I just gave him the stick so hopefully that helps. But 95% of the time he has been using the pee pads and I've been giving him treats in return. He learned to climb the steps to come onto and off of the bed (he was apprehensive and scared at first). He responds really well to treats. He hasn't started to eat out of his bowl yet, but when I leave him home for a little while he eats food I set out for him. I usually have to hand feed him when I'm home. I am so pleased with him! I love the fact that he is practically potty trained. I've referred two people to you who may or may not contact you in time for the litter that you are expecting in December. But I will definitely tell anyone who is interested to get their pup from YOU! So glad that I found you. I will continue to email you from time to time.
  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We love our Olive and are very thankful for your help and providing us such a smart, beautiful, and healthy baby! Thank you a million!
  Mom went home to Charleston on Saturday, so now Mia has the run of the house except when I'm gone. She does not like the playpen without Missy, but she has to be in there for about an hour every afternoon. She goes potty in the backyard all by herself if I leave the sliding glass door open for her. She loves our old beagle and follows her outside and snoops around with her in the fenced backyard. I couldn't be happier with her. She's just unbelievable with her potty training, holding it all night while she sleeps with me. Mom will be back at Christmas, so they'll be able to romp together soon.   I'm really looking forward to Mia having her last set of vaccines next week so that she can start going places with me. I have at least 5 doggie purses to carry her in, so she can go Christmas shopping with me.   Thanks for everything. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you and Wayne. Merry Christmas, Becky
  We made it safe and sound back to Miami. Biscuit is a great traveler. We put the seats down in the back and made room for him and he napped back there most of the drive. He was a little nervous to be in his new place, but he quickly warmed up. Everyone took a little nap once we got home and now it's midnight and everyone is wide awake! We've got to work on a schedule :)  He's so funny! He's already making me laugh. We're both competing for his attention and I must say Fred is still winning! Thanks again for the great pup. He was well worth the drive. I'll to be sure to recommend you to anyone who's interested in getting a new pup.
 My vet was very impressed with what a clean and happy little guy Ozzie is. We showed him the book (proof in case they wanted to vaccinate) and she said it is "evident how much you love what you do, and your commitment to the breed, by how thorough you are." I told her that was why we selected you - you really do stand out amongst the others!
  Ozzie is turning 5 mo old at the end of the month and doing great! We have started training and I am happy to report that Ozzie plays fetch, comes on command, shakes, hangs ten and rolls over. We are still practicing heal and leave it.  He is loved by everyone here and enjoys a fun relationship with all of us but his favorite place is by my side with his head on my hip. He was a great comfort to me when I was healing from surgery and motivation to get off the couch and walk again.  He is still quite small...just 4.1 pounds.

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