AKC Yorkshire Terriers, Ocala, Florida

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    Puppy Pricing

The care and work that goes into bringing puppies into this world is a 24/7 full time job. The cost to produce a high quality puppy is high.  First all breeding stock must be tested for genetic defects.      

Then, there is constant cleaning, more cleaning, did I say cleaning? Then there is purchasing high quality food, vet visits, vet bills, laundry, worming, medications, whelping supplies, puppy feeding, puppy bathing, and then there are treats, toys, towels, blankets, quality shampoos/conditioners, scissors, combs, clippers, grooming table, other grooming product expenses, and our time, are all just a little part of the things that go into the pricing of our beautiful pups.

Can you find a cheaper puppy? Of course, but with it you may find very expensive Vet bills. Our puppies are socialized and held constantly, watched over, cuddled, kissed and given all the love we can give them. To us they are precious little treasures.  Most of our puppies can leave their Mom's between 9-12 weeks of age depending on size and maturity.

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  Male Puppies - Range in price $1600 - $2100

  Females Puppies  - Range in price $1900 - $2800

 The rare (less than) <5 # Puppies -  $1700 - $2800 ~ Very small puppies are priced according.  This pricing is based upon many variables, size, coloring and how many additional Vet visits are necessary in the care of the very small puppy and to confirm health status.  Small puppies do not leave the Mom until at least 11-16 weeks of age and are not sold to families with small children.

Puppy Hold Fees are $300 (included in full price) and are non-refundable for any reason.  Puppy holds are accepted after the pup has reached 2-3 weeks of age. 

Puppy price includes State of Florida Health Certificate, 1st set of immunizations, dew claws removed, tail docked, AKC registration papers, Royal Canin for Yorkshire Terrier puppy pack, and all sorts of interesting information and goodies. 

State of Florida sales tax included in sales price.

I sometimes have Yorkies that I am retiring from our breeding programs or who by size do not quality (too small).  They are all given a dental exam/cleaning, caught up on immunizations, and usually spayed or neutered.  The cost of these dogs depends primarily on the cost of medical procedures before retirement.  This includes all listed above. They are almost always placed with retired folks who just don't want to go through all that puppy stage and want a mature pup, still young, that is housebroken and mellow.

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