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 What about grooming?

The beautiful long hair that is associated with Yorkshire Terriers is often one of the reasons that many pet owners choose a Yorkie for their next pet. While Yorkies are not prone to shedding, that lovely long hair must be groomed on a routine basis. When it is not combed regularly, it does tend to develop mats, snarls and tangles, much like human hair.

For the finest result, Yorkies need to be combed daily/ 3 x weekly basis. This will keep tangles and mats from developing in your Yorky.  Mats are painful and lead to an unkempt appearance.

Beyond simply brushing your Yorkie’s hair on a daily basis, it is important to know that there are actually many different ways in which a Yorkie’s hair can be cut and styled to make grooming easier. The most common style for most Yorkies is to keep the hair tied up in a topknot. This will keep the hair out of your precious dog’s eyes so they can clearly see where they are going. Keep in mind that if you do choose this style, you will still need to be diligent about taking down the topknot each and every day and combing through it.  It is also common for Yorkies to have bangs cut short.

To create the topknot, begin by collecting your dog’s hair beginning at the outer corner of the eye. Pull it back gently at an angle toward the middle of your dog’s head. Perform the same action on the other side. Use a latex band to hold the topknot you have just gathered. Finish it off with a lovely bow.

This is probably the best technique I've ever seen and believe me I've struggled with getting the bows in and keeping them in.

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It is important to point out that some Yorkshire Terriers have what is known as a soft coat. This type of coat does tend to mat and tangle much more easily and a as a result, you will need to exercise additional grooming. You may even find it helpful to take your Yorkshire Terrier to a professional groomer for a puppy cut.

This will make it much easier to keep your Yorkshire Terrier groomed and eliminate the need to comb out snarls on a daily basis, which can be painful. The puppy cut is really a modified schnauzer cut in which hair is shortened on the dog’s belly. This reduces the amount of hair on the dog’s lowest areas, so that it is less likely to collect dirt and debris.


Your Yorkshire Terrier will need to be bathed on a regular basis to ensure that his or her coat is clear of dirt and debris. This will also assist in keeping your dog’s hair from becoming tangled as well. Make sure you are using a good quality dog shampoo. Rinse out all of the shampoo to avoid your Yorkie’s skin from becoming irritated.

After his or her bath, you will need to follow up with the conditioner to keep your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat soft and silky. Many owners find it helpful to use a spray bottle consisting of a mixture of a light conditioner and water. This can be applied not only after the bath but also on a daily basis in order to assist with daily grooming. It is usually best to avoid brushing your Yorkshire Terrier with a dry coat.  Instead, try misting your Yorkie lightly with the conditioner and water mixture from the spray bottle in order to make grooming easier.

Your Yorkshire Terrier should be dried immediately. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you choose to blow dry your Yorkie, do be sure to take care with the heat level of the dryer as you do not want to running the risk of burning your Yorkie’s skin.  You can also towel dry your Yorkshire Terrier. Avoid giving him or her a brisk rubbing. Instead, gently wrap your Yorkie in a towel and hold him or her for a few minutes. Squeeze his or her hair gently with the towel in order to remove any excessive water.  Make sure that the ears and the ear canal are thoroughly dried after each bath.  Bathing more than every other week can dry out their coat.  Coconut oil is a great conditioner and your pup can have a spa day.  Rub the oil throughout the coat, leave on for several hours before bathing.  Never use human shampoo, even baby shampoo as the Ph is not correct for dogs.  Human conditioner (leave in) is safe for dogs.

  Brushing of Teeth

As with most Toy breeds, Yorkies may have a tendency to build-up tartar on the teeth and between the teeth, but if regular attention is given to the teeth this should not be a serious problem. They often develop a row of 2nd teeth which come in next to the puppy teeth.  Tartar will build up between these two teeth and if they remain past 8 months the 2nd teeth should be removed.  It is tartar build up that can cause bad breath and early tooth loss and that can make it difficult for them to eat and receive the nutrition they need.  If serious enough this tartar can cause infection and loss of their teeth.

  Ear Care

It is also important that you check your Yorkshire Terrier’s ears on a regular basis. In the event that you see any redness or discharge or you notice an odor, you should contact your vet and have him or her take a look. These signs could be symptoms of an infection that should be treated promptly.

It may take up to a year for your puppy to grow very long hair.  It will continue to grow unless trimmed.

Two favorite trims are the Schnauzer and Puppy Cut for my Yorkies which are both low maintenance. 

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Grooming Haircuts



My personal favorite for easy to keep.  If you select this one be sure and print out the picture to take to the groomer.  Just right click and save as to your desktop.  This happens to be one of my puppies.

Special care must be taken to ensure that the hair around the anus of these dogs is kept clean. Because of their long hair, it is common for these dogs to become matted in this area, and this can lead to impacted feces. 

When a Yorkie is shedding it's milk teeth and cutting it's adult teeth, this can cause the ears to go up and down daily, and owner's should not be unduly concerned during this natural stage.  However, it is important to keep the hair on the top third of the ear flap trimmed very short. This will stop the ears from being weighed down by excessive hair until they are firmly "set".  Also the hair should be plucked from inside the ears, and ears checked regularly for excessive wax and for mites.  If the ear continues to flop simply use a beard trimmer and keep the outer and inner ear shaved down of hair, allowing for easier to lift ear leather.

Yorkies do not have an undercoat, and even with a long coat, they feel the cold very easily, and like most Toy breeds prefer the comfort of coziness and warmth. They enjoy being pampered. Yorkies are definitely not to be kept outside or in the garage.

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Comb nightly with the comb you have been provided.

Keep ear hair trimmed.

  Trim Around Anus and check for impacted stool daily.

  Bathe Eyes with warm water regularly to prevent eye infections and to take care of all eye secretions.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

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